Do the boudoir for you! KJboudoir clients are everyday people you meet. They are mothers, sisters, wives, couples, professionals, athletes who want to take a step out of their comfort zone and into a new experience. Our clients want to know what it's like to feel truly free of stigmas and dive into emotions that they want to feel.

I know you may have some uncertainty or doubt, causing you to be hesitant, but rest assured that with my knowledge of posing and lighting, I will absolutely capture you at your best! Additionally, we provide professional hair and makeup service from the top artists in the RVA area and I will also provide a detailed styling guide to help you pick out your looks for your session. All you have to do is show up with your outfits!

Committing to a boudoir session is a chance for you to be unapologetically, uniquely you. Your session takes place in a private setting and only you and the photographer are present during the creation of your photos.

Lastly, boudoir is fun! From the time we first meet during your consultation, to the ordering appointment of picking out your photos, the entire process is effortless and all about you! I can't wait to have you in front of my lens so I can show you how truly magnificent you really are!

Session pricing begins at $400*

Print and digital products are a separate purchase

*taxes apply*